Windows 7 and Alt-Tab annoyances

Here’s a quick note about an annoyance I have with Windows 7. When you are working in Visual Studio (2008 at least) and you have the magical little ASP.NET Development Server running, it now shows in your alt-tab list. It’s an app that you almost never need to switch to, yet it’s there. In the way. Taunting you. For one of my biggest projects, I often get three of them (an administration site, a web service and a small utility site). I’m also not crazy about how Windows 7 will sort of “blank out” all the windows of the apps that aren’t the highlighted one in the alt-tab list. When you cycle through the list quickly, they pop in and out rapidly and I find it very distracting.

Enter VistaSwitcher. This little program completely replaces the alt-tab experience. You can tell it to exclude items by process name, and it also disables the crazy window blanking out native to Windows 7. I’m generally not a fan of items that modify “base” Windows functionality (like alt-tabbing), but this is probably going to stay installed. Hooray!

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