Lost color coding in Visual Studio 2012

Last night I installed Visual Studio 2012. This morning I opened up a solution and edited the web.config file – to my dismay all the color coding was gone. I think this happens more times than not for *just* XML files. Code files seemed to be ok. Not sure what exactly happened, but to fix it I had to do the following:

Launch the Developer Command Prompt for VS2012 (Start -> Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 -> Visual Studio Tools -> Developer Command Prompt for VS2012). From there, I ran “devenvĀ /resetuserdata”. This took a few seconds to run and then returned (it didn’t start studio like a lot of devenv switches do).


I started up VS2012 at that point, selected the Visual C# presets and unchecked the box to import settings.


Once studio started up everything was fine again. Yay.

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